Outer Banks Beach Portraits | Outer Banks Beach Family Sessions during Covid-19

How thankful are we that the Outer Banks is finally open to visitors for 2020?!?! Earlier this week we shot our first BP of the year and it felt SO GOOD! We are so happy to be back and to have you here!! It’s been an incredible but also scary experience these last few months on the Outer Banks. We’ve watched business after business close their doors all because of the Corona Virus/ Covid-19 pandemic. While Madeline and myself couldn’t be more excited to dive back into our seasonal routine, we definitely want our Outer Banks vacationing families to know that we are taking every precaution necessary when it comes to being in proximity to your loved ones. Here are a few specific extra steps we’ll be taking  as we photograph Outer Banks beach portraits this summer:

  1. We’ll need to know if anyone in your group is immune compromised. Informing us of details like this, really helps us prepare before the shoot– Especially your immune compromised loved ones! We value your safety and health, so keeping us in the loop helps us to better serve you!
  2. Our hands and gear will be sanitized! You can rest assured that we take cleanliness to a whole other level over here!
  3. We will absolutely wear a mask and gloves if you prefer! Your group does NOT have to wear a mask at any point during our session unless you want to, however if you choose to do so, remember to remove it just before we begin shooting!
  4. 6 feet apart is best! No need to be all up in your face! You really don’t have to worry about that on our end, we’ll maintain the 6 foot distance between your family and us through out your session.  6-8 feet a part is generally the distance we shoot families from anyways!

Again we couldn’t be more excited to be welcoming families back to the Outer Banks! We hope to see you on the beach this year!

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